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General Rules

Opening Day: September 15, 2023


No pets

No smoking, alcohol or drugs

No Food

All children must be accompanied by an adult, at all times. No exceptions.

No climbing, sitting, standing on or throwing merchandise. You will be held responsible for the purchase of damaged goods.

Do not destroy or abuse property.

Display items are not for sale. Do not remove or replace them. All items for purchase have been gathered and labeled accordingly.

Stay within the roped areas and be courteous of signage.


Safe use of our establishment is your responsibility.

Corn Maze


Please see attendant before entering for a wristband. $1.00 each 2yrs+

All children must be accompanied by an adult in the maze.

Stay on designated pathways. No shortcuts.

Do not pick corn or break the stalks.

No throwing objects.

Please walk, do not run.

If you see destruction occurring, please report it.

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